Groom’s Wedding Preparation Guide

We assume you know how to dress yourself for a formal event. Your pocket square matches your tie, your socks are a tasteful not-white color, your suit is pressed and ready. However, this isn’t just any event; it’s your wedding day. The big day is yours, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are a few ways to boost your confidence and enjoyment before and after the wedding vows.

Hire a Barber

Confidence businessman in suit standingLike a wedding stylist, a barber can make your hair look top notch. Unlike a stylist, though, a barber is a one stop shop for mens’ fine grooming needs. Only a barber is able to take a straight razor to your face, and their extra licensing requirements guarantee that you’ll get an experienced hand every time. There’s nothing like a straight raze shave and a clean cut to make you feel on top of your game.

Check the Eyebrows

circleeyebrowMaybe you regularly attend to your brows, maybe you don’t. Today, your wedding day, you do. As a basic rule, follow your eyebrow’s natural shape and take a pair of good tweezers to any outliers you find. Clean up the bridge of your nose and the space between your brows. If you have a barber on the wedding vendor list, they will more than likely already have a plan. If you’re on your own, remember not to get carried away. Pull a few, pay attention to something else for a few seconds, then come back and check your work.

Clean Them Kicks

circleshoesWhatever your style, your shoes will be noticed Make sure you have some shoe shine handy, you never know when you might stub your toe or miss a stair resulting in a nasty looking scuff.

The Shirt Tuck

circleshirt tuckYou’re going to be moving around a lot today. You’ll probably hold your hands out, or pick something up off the ground, or hold a baby or whatever. If you’re constantly adjusting your clothes, you’re bound to end up with an important picture where you happen to have a hand in your pants. Not cool. Lucky for you, a little bit of wardrobe foresight will go a long way. If you’re into gadgets, check out the connect-to-socks military style shirt stay, or the newer friction based shirt stay. If you don’t have access to extra stuff, at least tuck your undershirt into your briefs to add some extra opposing friction.

Do Everything Early

circlewatchAs with everything else in a well-adjusted adult’s life, “15 minutes early or you’re late” is your home base. Finding yourself in a rush means that you’ve planned poorly, and you’ve spent way too much time and effort on this day to fall victim to poor time management. Show up early. Get dressed early. Leave plenty of time to get ready, to get relaxed, to check out the venue, to have a scotch. Which brings us to…


A photo by Clem Onojeghuo. is probably the most important point. It may seem oxymoronic, considering that I’ve just spent an article telling you what to worry about, but it can be done. Today, your job is to get married. Once you’re ready, it’s time to relax. Take a breath. Get the guys together for a few hands of poker. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, take your photographer and go for a stroll around the venue or the area.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t let all the details of the day get in the way of enjoying your own wedding. You’ll thank yourself later.

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